Founded in 1942 in Cleveland Ohio, Products Chemical Company (PCC) provides over 600 branded, and private labeled, all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, detergents, disinfectants, metal polishes, soaps, floor finishes, aerosols, carpet care and other specialty maintenance products for hundreds of customers in the Industrial and Institutional markets. Our supply channel is handled exclusively through distributors across the country.

Products Chemical Company (PCC) is an environmentally friendly manufacturer with production and packaging capabilities ranging from 4-ounce bottles up to 5000-gallon tankers. Prompt delivery and staff support are important components of the Company’s overall commitment to its customer satisfaction.

Products Chemical Company employees recognize customers as our most important asset. Without them we would not be in business. They expect quality service and it is our responsibility to deliver it. That means adequate inventory, order fulfillment, fast delivery time, consistent product quality, fair prices and common courtesy.

They are paying for overall excellence and it is our job to provide it. Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe they deserve nothing less. Individually, we are proud of our work and our history of innovation. Together, we are a team of dedicated people working to serve our customers.

PCC has a wide reach into key markets and the foundation for expanded offerings in an increasingly complex regulatory market. New offerings now include PCC’s just in time manufacturing, with an expanded national footprint that includes Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Washington DC.

We are building on our position as an international leader and provider of value-added Industrial and Institutional cleaning solutions and technical advisory services, aiming to be the go-to partner for every distributor and manufacturer in the industry.